Naming and Personality

Our identity as an organization begins with our name. But it lives more meaningfully in the choices we make about how we choose to communicate with the world around us. When executing the AOPS brand, reflect on the values we share as Catholic educators, then look for opportunities to convey those values to our audiences.

Naming Architecture

While our Archdiocese is historic, public understanding of the AOPS brand is not. Take every reasonable opportunity to make AOPS affiliation, and the meaning behind it, clear.


Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools Tagline

America’s First Catholic SchoolsSM


* Always use the above capitalization for legibility


You may use AOPS or AOPS schools to refer to our schools, in plural.

Additional Usage Guidelines

  • Reserve the use of OCE (Office of Catholic Education) to refer to the organization administrating Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools, not the school system itself
  • Don’t insert “the” into official name uses (e.g. “The AOPS”)
  • Don’t break up initialism letters (e.g. “AOP high Schools,” “AOP schools”). In all contexts, treat “AOPS” as you would the name of any other school system. (e.g. “AOPS elementary school teachers,” “the AOPS student body”)
  • For most purposes, displaying trademark and sales mark symbols on AOPS logos, names, and taglines is unnecessary.
    • Only apply a sales mark symbol to the AOPS tagline where its placement in text makes its purpose as a tagline ambiguous. (e.g. “When you enroll in America’s First Catholic Schools ℠, you’re joining a community that…”)
  • Apply trademark and sales mark symbols no more than once per piece, in the first or most prominent position.

Core Values

At every AOPS school, these core values drive our work. In understanding and living these principles, we commit ourselves to better serving the families who place their trust in us. When representing the AOPS brand, do your best to convey these values, directly and indirectly, at every touch point.

  • We believe every child can benefit from Catholic values.
  • We believe in developing the whole person.
  • We believe in progress.
  • We believe achievement flourishes in a caring community.

Personality Traits

Keep these personality traits top-of-mind when executing all communications for AOPS. Use them as a guide for making consistent decisions about copy and design.


reflects our caring community feel

Warm means:
approachable, open, inviting

Warm doesn’t mean:
buddy-buddy, gushing, sappy


ensures we look current to remain competitive

Contemporary means:
modern, current, timeless

Contemporary doesn’t mean:
avant garde, trendy, style-over-substance


reflects the joy of a Christ-centered life

Vibrant means:
joyful, positive, lively

Vibrant doesn’t mean:
eccentric, loud, over-the-top

Tone of Voice

A consistent tone of voice ensures our values and personality are always evident. Imagine an individual who exemplifies these traits and write from that person’s perspectives.


We have complete faith in our organization, the Catholic church, and our students. Text should avoid ambiguity, hedging, or pandering. State beliefs with certainty.


…We believe those children, and the world around them, were brought to life by a Creator with grand and beautiful plans.


Our messaging reflects that we serve God and our communities before ourselves. Needless superlatives, boasting, and guarantees are to be omitted.


With this direction in mind, we hope to guide children to become their generations’ leaders and role models.


We’re educators, but we’re also community servants. Our register should reflect strong knowledge of grammar and diction, but not the need to show it off.


A whole lotta heart… If there’s one thing pre-schoolers have, it’s heart. But that doesn’t mean we believe they can have too much.