Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools
Brand Guidelines

Uniting 141 schools and 200 years of history under one brand is no small task. So we set out to understand what our schools share as a whole, and how these common values define the relationships between educator, their students, and the families who have chosen to make Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools (AOPS) a part of their spiritual and academic lives.

AOPS as a brand is therefore much more than a name or a logo. It is a Catholic worldview unique to our schools that is expressed, both directly and indirectly, in all of our communications. If followed closely, these brand guidelines will help you foster relationships with students and families in a way that builds excitement, trust, and faith.

Among the examples of these guidelines you will find words, images, ideals, and resources that describe who we are, what we stand for, and how you can underscore these important identifiers.

You will find that some of the rules in these guidelines are exacting; others are open to interpretation. When in doubt, try first to understand the values and spirit of AOPS. And keep in mind that as the brand matures, so too will these guidelines.

AOPS could not exist as it does without the work and faith of many professionals dedicated to the goals of Catholic education. Thank you for helping us uplift minds and spirits throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.